We are here to help YOU

DVRC is proud to offer a wide range of programs, educational and financial resources and community outreach to victims, advocates, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, businesses and schools.

You can be in control of Your Future.


Your first step is to create a Safety Plan. DVRC’s Confidential Advocates can help. Contact us at 505-248-3165

DVRC’S exceptional staff can help you, and your children, in a number of ways including:

  • Safe Shelter/Safety Planning
  • Emergency Restraining Orders/Orders of Protection
  • Case Management
  • Connections to Community Resources such as legal assistance, housing assistance programs, clothing and food
  • Much More

Love is not supposed to hurt. DVRC is here to support you on the path to a safe life for you and your family.

Domestic Violence Resource Center
Victim Assistance Programs

Domestic Violence Resource Center
Victim Assistance Programs


DVRC advocates offer help and support to victims of domestic violence by providing them with resources for shelter, food, clothing, transportation and both legal and medical assistance.  DVRC advocates will provide personalized safety plans and prepare victims to leave abusive situations.

You are not alone.

Case Management

DVRC case managers assist domestic violence victims from start to finish ensuring they’re ready to regain control of their lives after leaving their abuser. This includes providing resources that offer transitional and permanent solutions regarding financial security, housing, employment, education, training and more. 

From surviving to thriving.

Field Response

Field Advocates meet victims where they are and provide immediate resources and hope.

They are civilian responders, not law enforcement, and they help victims attain emergency restraining orders, develop safety plans, and get to a safe place (like a family or friend's home, the hospital or a domestic violence shelter).

We’ve got your back, literally.

Interested in helping
victims of domestic violence?


  • Don’t gossip
  • Believe their story
  • Tell the Victim that they Do Not Deserve Abuse
  • Know your Local Resources
  • Encourage the Victim to contact DVRC for Help

Victims of Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault are left in trauma. Fear (for themselves, their children, other family members, etc.) can convince a victim that they have no options. By offering support and understanding, you might save a life.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, reach out for help today.

If you need immediate help, call our 24-hour hotline at (505) 248-3165.