Domestic Violence Resource Center

Domestic Violence Resource Center


Who We Are

You're Not Alone

We are a Trauma Informed Agency whose main focus is to help Victims  of Domestic Violence break the cycle of abuse in their lives.

Each department, Advocacy, Case Management & Counseling are all here to provide resources, help, guidance and support to help victims get safe, become independent and heal. 

Our goal is to help a victim break the cycle of violence and heal in order to have healthy relationships in their future. 


DVRC, Inc. is here to Empower Victims of Domestic Violence and Engage the Community to End the Cycle of Domestic Violence through Education and Prevention.


DVRC, Inc. was formed in 1996 to provide Advocates alongside the Albuquerque Police Department at domestic violence scenes. In 2007, we joined the Family Advocacy Center for domestic violence survivors leaving abusive relationships. We also grew to include Trauma Informed Counseling & Case Management Services.

We work with multiple community organizations to help provide resources, legal help, financial resources and help in order to get a victim safe & work with them to rebuild their life after domestic violence.


Our programs continue to grow and we are working to change the social norms that contribute to the continuance of violence. Services at DVRC, Inc. are free, confidential and professional.

Please Support Us

Please Support Us

Your contribution will go directly towards helping victims of Domestic Violence and their Families. 

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